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'98 yuan ticket blind box' is on the hot search again, Tongcheng Travel announces the opening of a new round of blind box buying

Date: 2021-04-15

Following CCTV's report, "over 10 million people snapped up the blind box of 98 yuan ticket" on Weibo's hot search. Tongcheng Travel announced that it will launch a new round of "Blind Box for Air Ticket Destinations" at 10 o'clock on April 22. The new round of "ticket blind box" event will be fully upgraded for the May Day travel scene. The event will last from April 22 to April 26. During the event, users can use the Tongcheng Travel APP and Tongcheng Travel Mini Program on two platforms Blind boxes are drawn once each.

  "Ticket Destination Blind Box" is a new method of ticket marketing initiated by the same journey. Users can purchase a domestic one-way ticket with a designated departure place, random destination, and random date for 98 yuan. If the ticket obtained does not meet expectations, a full refund can be made. In the three days of the Qingming Festival, the "Blind Box for Air Ticket Destinations" event attracted more than 20 million users and attracted many media attention. It became the first phenomenon-level explosion in the tourism marketing field in the spring of 2021. After the event, many users reported that they hoped to participate in the ticket blind box event again.

   Same-journey travel announced that at 10 am on April 22, the same-journey ticket blind box event will return to the venue for grabbing. The price is still 98 yuan. If you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund. Tongcheng Travel has made a brand new upgrade to the return ticket blind box event, which not only extends the sale time, but also increases the chances of users to buy the blind box. In the new phase of the event, each user can draw a blind box on each of the two platforms of the same journey travel applet and APP. The event will also add a number of snap-up sessions, allowing users to choose to snap up the peak according to their own schedule.

  Analysis by industry insiders, the blind ticket box satisfies the young tourists' stimulus and adventurous psychology, and through the "don't want to go to the full refund" guarantee mechanism, it gives tourists the consumption feeling of "no loss anyway". The event was quickly detonated on social media.

   Among the tourists participating in the event, couples have drawn tickets for the same flight, and some users have drawn tickets to two airports in the same city. Tourists who have won high-value air tickets enthusiastically posted the results of the draw on social media such as Weibo, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Moments of Friends, etc. Tourists who have drawn close air tickets in the province will also share their own with their friends. "Winning a lottery" experience, thereby attracting more users to participate, triggering phenomenon-level communication.

"For tourists who buy ticket blind boxes, the fun of travel starts from the moment they open the blind box." The person in charge of Tongcheng Travel said that the "ticket blind box" series of activities have been extended through a fresh gameplay design. The chain of user travel consumption experience allows users to experience more of the fun of online travel consumption. In the future, Tongcheng Travel will also explore the travel consumption needs of Chinese tourists in depth, and provide users with richer travel services and product experiences through product design and marketing activities.